Family Legacy

In many families, the “up north” cottage is a revered and treasured heirloom that is nurtured through generations. Our cottage was one of those family homes that was not simply a home . . .it was a beloved symbol of family and filled with decades of love and memories. Yet, the building itself began to fail and it became our dream to rebuild our cottage but to not lose any of the family integrity along the way.

We began our project by meeting with Brett at our “old” cottage. He was respectful and understanding of our deep love of the tradition and memories that our cottage represented to our family. Together with Brett, we developed a plan to build a beautiful home, yet to integrate as much of the old architecture and beautiful old building materials as possible. He was amazing. Together with his team, we salvaged beautiful vintage doors, glass windows, structural details, intricate brass hardware and many other cherished items . He helped us locate people in northern Michigan that refinished beautiful glass doors and furniture, reupholstered and refinished antique wicker, salvaged old windows and cut them to fit into decorative transoms above interior doors, and many other important details that nurtured our vision to build a “new” home that honored our “old” home.

The project was complex and challenging, yet Bandi Builders made the process as easy as possible. Through daily photos, emails and text messages we were able to be a part of the daily decision-making and building process, although we live over 3 hours away. Brett was always calm and professional, as was his entire team. From Jason the foreman that supervised every aspect of the building with competence and calm to every one of the friendly trades people that we met, we were impressed and very happy with our entire project.

Today we are thrilled with our beautiful family cottage. As we look around, we marvel at the quality and reminisce about the wonderful memories that we have made here in the past and look forward to making in the future with generations of our family.

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